The Arabic word for the Jewish Temple exposes the biggest “Palestinian” lie 

by Leah Rosenberg

People lie about Jerusalem and Israel. They claim the Jewish land and the Jewish Temple do not belong to the Jewish people. They have no proof.

Jewish Temple & Land are…Jewish

It is really not brain surgery. Israel belongs to the Jewish people. The Jewish Temple is, well, a JEWISH Temple. All the facts, history, and archaeology in the world point to that truth. There is constantly new proof being dug up in the land of Israel pointing to the Jewish connection to Israel.

The Arabic term for Jerusalem, that even Western journalists like to use, is Al-Quds. Al-Quds come from the full term Beit-Al-MaQdish, turned into Al-Quds. Beit Al-MaQdish is Arabic for the Hebrew Beit Hamikdash, the Jewish Temple! In essence, the Arab term for Jerusalem is proof that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people!

But the “Palestinians” come along and try to distort that truth. They have tried to claim that the Jewish land is theirs and the Jews stole it.


In this short interview, the “Palestinian” cannot even answer a simple question posed, and that just proves that they have no answers to their claims. They have no proof. The lies are not about any tangible evidence. It is just words that the “Palestinians” say. That’s all.

Why Does the World Side with Lies?

The world is so backwards right now. Right is wrong and wrong is right. There are movements and groups dedicated to the destruction of the one democracy in the Middle East. And so many get sucked into their lies. But why? They are driven by antisemitism. And antisemites don’t care about the truth.

Now that there is a Jewish state, antisemites try to mask their hatred and say they hate Israel, but not the Jews. They are against Israel’s right to exist and against the Jews living in their ancestral homeland, but they don’t hate Jews, they say?


They hate Israel because they hate the Jews.They hate Israel because it means the Jews are strong.

They hate that the Jewish people finally returned home after thousands of years of exile. And they hate that the Jews are here to stay.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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