Arab Terrorists Shoot and Kill Israeli Student and Wound Two Others at Tapuach Junction In Samaria

by Leah Rosenberg

Palestinian Arab terrorists drove up to a bus stop, stopped their car, and opened fire on Israeli students. One succumbed to his wounds, and the other wounded students are recuperating in Israeli hospitals.

Terrorism Strikes Samaria

How can someone be so evil as to shoot teenagers in cold blood? Innocent civilians on their way back to study. Where is the international world investigating the crimes against humanity that these Arab terrorists carry out all too often? It is not a crime to be at a bus stop in Samaria. These young 19 year olds who study at the Itamar Yeshiva were standing at a bus stop on Route 60 when a car pulled up and opened fire. The car then sped off.

Before anyone in the world claims that Jews are occupying Judea and Samaria, they should realize that this is an irrational claim. It is not really called the West Bank. The world likes to call it that to break the indigenous connection between the Jewish people and Judea and Samaria. But it is in fact the Biblical heartland of the Jews. It doesn’t belong to the Palestinian Arabs, just like the land of Israel doesn’t. But because the world sides with so-called “Palestinians” over Jews, they end up justifying terrorism. They end up justifying the injuries and murders of innocent Jewish men, women, and children. And then the Arabs feel supported as they continue their terrorism.

Arutz-Sheva reported that Jonathan Pollard spoke at the funeral of Yehuda Guetta. “Yehuda, I’m sorry, I don’t speak Hebrew. I’m a simple Jew and I never expected to come home after 30 years and find you like this.”I had hoped and prayed that my own sacrifice would prevent this type of tragedy. But evil, the evil that took Yehuda, has a power that it incredible. It doesn’t cease, it doesn’t stop. It shows no pity or remorse.”But we do, and that’s why we come here, to say Shalom to Yehuda.”What we do now following this tragedy will make a difference in the land of Israel.”

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