What Liberal college students actually think about Mr. Potato Head

by Phil Schneider

Cancel culture is now a major part of world culture. Comic strip characters don’t offend anybody. Especially Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. Who is actually creating the idea of offensiveness for things as trivial as comic strip characters?

The history of racism in the United States is certainly something that ought to be discussed and grappled with. But to turn the United States, the most free country in the history of the world, into a country that is racist to the core – is simply a complete misreading of history. The United States, from it’s very early founders, was based on the ideals of freedom and equality. Although it took more than 90 years till the United States solved it’s slavery crisis via the Civil War, the fact is that the North won and slavery was abolished more than 150 years. But even more than that, the United States took more steps than any other country via the Civil Rights Act and other laws that enabled minorities to have all of the opportunities that any other group has. That is the case till today.

But instead of thanking and praising the United States, the new fake culture of racial sensitivity is filled with misplaced accusations and guilt. What is needed is a leadership that will speak of the principles of freedom and true democracy while accusing the radical left of totalitarian tendencies. This is what is needed in order to strike at the heart of the ridiculous woke culture that is polluting the minds of so many today. We need a reset.

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