Double Bombing In Jerusalem – 1 Dead 22 Injured

by Micha Gefen

Two bombs went off in Jerusalem, killing 15 year old Aryeh Schupak and injuring 22 – some in critical condition.

Both bombs, detonated by remote went off in two different locations. The first and most deadly exploded by a bus top near Shaarei HaIr, near the Central Bus Station. The second went off in the neighborhood of Ramot.

Aryeh Schupak immigrated to Israel from Canada with his family last year and studied in the Beit Meir yeshiva. He was killed next to his close friend who suffered injuries in the bombing.

Police say that the bombs were professional, most likely put together by a terror squad.

MK Itamar Ben Gvir was the first Knesset member on the scene. Potentially the incoming Minister of Internal Security, he said the following:

“We must charge a heavy price from terrorists. That means pin point targeted assassinations, to take a price from security prisoners – not to allow them free entry and exit. It means to stop the payments to the Palestinian Authority that supports terror, to those who murder Jews. That means to find out where the terrorist came from. Whether it was from within the Israeli territory or the ‘West Bank.’ To impose a curfew and go home by home to look for weapons, to bring back deterrence.”

With the government still not formed and the caretaker one not fully in control, terror squads from Jenin and Shchem and elsewhere appear ready to launch more attacks against Israel in the coming days.

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