Don’t “Palestinian” Arab women deserve better?

by Avi Abelow

Take a look at the “special” role placed upon “Palestinian” Arab women. They are brainwashed into believing that they are living a life of value and morals.

“Palestinian” Arab Women

Don’t all “Palestinian” Arabs deserve better? Not just “Palestinian” Arab women. Their leaders make them believe they are doing just fine; that they do not need to be like The West. But is that true? Take a look at their economy. Take a look at their lives. They send their children to death! All they live for is violence and murder. “Palestinian” Arab leaders make their people believe they are thriving. But that is just not true.

Listen to the former Head of Hamas’ political bureau address the “Palestinian” Arab women and people. It is degrading. And he incites violence and terrorism. He fuels the fire.

They Deserve Better

For people who care about the “Palestinian” Arabs and claim they want to fight for justice, this is what they should care about. The BDS Movement claims they want to help the Arabs. The UN claims they want to help the Arabs. All these “human rights” organizations claim they want to help. But instead, they just criticize Israel rather than addressing the real problems. Why don’t they fight for a change in the “Palestinian” Arab leadership? Why don’t they protest the way the leaders encourage terrorism?

Yes, some of the Arabs are suffering. But that is not Israel’s fault. And the world needs to get that straight.

BDS Exposed
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