Disgusting behavior by Israeli Arabs as hundreds of Gaza rockets fall on Israel

by Avi Abelow

What these Israeli Arabs did is repulsive. They literally laughed in the face of Israelis taking cover from Gaza rockets. What kind of behavior is that?

Israeli Arabs mock Jews on Highway

Since Israel targeted and killed an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, Israel has been under attack. Hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza to kill innocent Israelis. Men, women, and children are all scared for their lives. They cannot go about their daily lives. Schools have been canceled in parts of the country. Work has been as well. What kind of reality is this?

This video is of Israeli Arabs driving on a highway in ISRAEL laughing as Israeli Jews take cover from the hundreds of rockets fired by the Arabs’ terrorist friends in Gaza. It is absolutely sick behavior. Jews are terrified hiding by their cars without proper protection, and the Israeli Arabs drive by laughing. These rockets are launched to murder us. They are fired to destroy us. It is repulsive that ANY human being would laugh in the face of terrorism like that.

Another Issue to Address

Besides the disturbing fact that these Arabs spent their time laughing at seeing how Israelis are suffering and are hiding from the rockets, they completely ignored an important reality. Those same rockets, shot by their Muslim brothers and friends in Gaza, can also hit and kill them! The terrorists in Gaza do not try to avoid hitting Arabs too. Yet these Arabs continued to laugh. This is all just despicable!

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