“Kosher Rachael Ray” cooks with the super foods of the Bible

by Phil Schneider

Is Kosher food good for you? Is there something supernatural about food that is Kosher? Well, perhaps. But, in truth, many of the Kosher dietary laws, and their myriad details are within the realm of hidden commandments. We don’t truly understand the essence of what God has commanded when he tells us to not cook meat and dairy together. We have some understanding of what it is about. But that is only a taste of the essence of the commandment.

Kosher food is something that can be extremely tasty. There are very few things that cannot be kosher. However, bacon and eggs is a no-no, as is a cheeseburger. But, kosher food has become something that actually unifies much of the Jewish people. Even those people who do not adhere to the Jewish dietary laws will eat the occasional traditional Jewish cuisine around the Holiday seasons. Much has been spoken about in Jewish circles about how much of the Jewish world revolves around food. It is true. This is not necessarily a good thing.

A more essential Jewish concept is the idea of being careful with one’s health. It is an explicit Jewish commandment to be very careful with one’s soul. This has been explained to refer to both one’s body and one’s soul. Meaning, people need to put in great effort to make sure that they do not do things that are known to be dangerous. Whether this means driving safely, keeping healthy food habits, or generally speaking – just being careful – these are all things that come under the rubric of following God’s will. But more often than not, people who do dangerous things are not considered irreligious. This is a mistake. One of the most irreligious choices a person can make is to eat too much Jewish food. So, enjoy, savor, and learn from the professional Jewish cooks like Jamie Geller. But let’s not forget that our health is far more important than any one tasty dish.

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