DeSantis Put an End to Wokeism With This Booming Speech

by Phil Schneider

Ron DeSantis will definitely be a Presidential contender – probably in 2024. He simply has everything that one would look for in a good candidate. But, of course, there are obstacles in his way – like any other contender. First of all, there is Donald Trump, who thinks he was robbed and is making a comeback. Secondly, there are many other serious candidates, especially Nikki Haley, who will give him a fight for the nomination. So why should he enter the fray now? Why not wait till 2028? He’s still young, and not even 50 years old.

Recent history of Republican nominations shows a clear pattern – except for the unique Donald Trump, who broke all norms in his nomination and election. In 1980, Ronald Reagan ran against George H. Bush for the Republican nomination. They were not on the same page on many issues. Reagan won, yet still chose Bush as his Vice President. In 1988, George H. Bush coasted to the Republican nomination and Presidency on Reagan’s coattails.

Bob Dole had challenged for the Republican nomination several times before he was nominated to be Vice President. Although he lost to Bill Clinton, he had an easy time becoming the nominee due to his previous service as Vice President.

George W. Bush’s main obstacle to the Republican nomination was John McCain. Although McCain lost, he became the front runner and won the nomination 8 years later. Then, this same pattern repeated with Mitt Romney.

Basically, the loser in a Republican primary is more often than not, the eventual winner of the Republican primary 4 or 8 years later. So, even if DeSantis loses in 2024, he will probably become the front runner in 2028 – except for one important detail. Donald Trump. Nobody wants to have to stand up to the bullying and name-calling of Donald Trump. Even if one stands up to Donald Trump and walks out standing, they get muddied in the process.

But DeSantis has never been one to back down. He’s going to run in 2024. Even if he loses, he’ll probably win in 2028.

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