Dennis Prager’s speech at Oxford Union erased all questions about Hamas

by Leah Rosenberg

Dennis Prager had everyone listening. How is there even a question of who is a greater obstacle to peace, a terrorist organization or a democratic state?

Dennis Prager Said it Perfectly

Dennis Prager could not have said it any better. Even the way he started off the debate was perfect. He said, “I actually did not believe the proposition. It was, ‘This house believes that Hamas is a greater threat to peace than Israel…’ I couldn’t believe this was an actual proposition. You mean, that’s debatable?”

It is quite shocking if you think about it. Hamas, a named terrorist organization, has more blood on their hands than you can imagine. Their charter states their goal to destroy Israel. They have no Western values. Israel, on the other hand, is a democratic country. They value freedom, equality, and life the way countries like the United States and the UK do. Hamas chooses violence and death, Israel chooses peace and life. Why is there even a debate about this?

Hamas is Like Nazi Germany

What so much of the world does not understand is that Hamas is to Israel what Nazi Germany was to Britain in the 1930s. It is not an opinion of who is right and who is wrong; who is moral and who is immoral. It is clear. One side is obviously evil. And that side is not Israel.

You do not have to agree with every policy that the Israeli government puts into place. Most people do not. But you do have to agree that Israel is the democracy in this situation. That Israel is the one who just wants to live peacefully while its surrounding neighbors threaten its very existence on a daily basis. If you cannot agree that Hamas is wrong, then you yourself are wrong as well.

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