Democratic Rep Goes Off at Rashida Tlaib in Fiery Speech about Israel

by Phil Schneider

Rashida Tlaib, AOC, and Ilhan Omar are all together and united in their opposition to the very existence of the State of Israel. They couch it as if they truly care about the rights of the so-called “Palestinian people.” But in truth, they only care about one thing when it comes to Israel – they want to bring it down.

This is not really something new – but it must be said. Ted Deutsch stood up and said it loud and clear. There is a growing movement in the weak underbelly of the Democrat Party that wishes that the State of Israel would be destroyed. And there are people like Bernie Sanders, a formidable force in the Democrat Party, that share similar views. These people are against Israel defending itself against missile attacks from terrorists and they dismiss attacks on America also.

Those who share weak views on foreign policy also share socialist views on the United States of America. Ilhan Omar’s line that on 9-11, “something happened,” should be a wake-up call to all Democrats who are concerned about the direction of their party. Republicans have to deal with their outer fringe members too. But they are not a growing number as they are in the Democrat Party. If AOC runs for the Senate in NY, she actually has a fairly good chance of winning, even though she is a lightweight on nearly every issue that exists. There are enough people today who vote based on gender, color of the skin, and party affiliation. She would start off with nearly 45% of the vote definitely going in her favor, and would only need to sway little more than 5% of the voters.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities are becoming crime-ridden, tax-the hell-out-of-the-rich, entitlement-heavy centers that are chasing people out to the suburbs or other States. Middle America does not feel the negative impact as much as the right and left coasts do. But, some of the most populous cities in America are fast becoming places that are not hospitable for the middle class and entrepreneurial-oriented people. That means that jobs will dwindle and local economies in some big cities will suffer. The AOC’s and the Rashida Tlaibs of the world don’t only want to weaken Israel. They are anti-American forces within the walls of Congress.

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