11 Things You Most Definitely Didn’t Know about the Israeli Air Force

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli Air Force is one of the best in the world. What makes them so good? Their determination? Their dedication?

The Israeli Air Force

There are many things that make the Israeli Air Force (IAF) so good. Of course, G-d has everything to do with it. He has enabled Israel to have a strong army – including all its different divisions.

On top of that, Israel has no other choice. They have to excel in all of their defensive needs. It is a matter of life and death; existence and destruction.

Those in the IAF are strong. They are trained well. They are determined to protect their people and their country. You can tell how determined they really are by these 11 facts. And you can get a glimpse at how rigorous the process really is – how thousands want to become IAF pilots, but very few end up making it all the way.

The One Jewish State

There is only one Jewish state in the world, and those protecting it know that. Religious or not, all of Israel’s military personnel know what is at stake. All of Israel’s enemies want to destroy it. But G-d won’t let that happen. And He has sent His messengers, the Israel Defense Forces, to stop all the enemies.

With the help of G-d and our continued prayers to Him, Israel will continue to have a strong army, the Israeli Air Force will continue to be one of the best in the world, and the one and only Jewish state will continue to be protected.

Col. Kemp

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