Biden’s UN Speech Will go Down in History as one of the Worst Ever

by Phil Schneider

Is it a good thing that the United States is not in war? Sounds good – right? We are moving on. Well, is that really the case that there is no danger to the United States? Does China really not pose a threat to the United States and the Western world?

Things are not so simple. In this short video clip, the threat to the United States is spelled out clearly. As opposed to President George W. Bush who understood that the Taliban posed a major threat to the Western world, Joe Biden, or his handlers, whoever is actually running the United States – does not understood that terror threats are real and present. When you have Iran, Afghanistan, and other pockets of terror in the Middle East – that are all in cahoots with China, the next major war may not be as far as we think.

China is not looking to use it’s military power at this stage. They are more than happy to continue building up their market share of the world economy in order to control more and more of the world. But if the Taliban and Iran work together with them to weaken European, Middle Eastern, and Western pockets of democracy, China will continue to hold the world more and more hostage financially.

We can make believe the threat is not real, but that would be the same as the countries that made believe in 1934, 1935, and 1936 that the threat from an expansionist Germany was not real. China is not a Nazi-like country. But it most certainly a Marxist and totalitarian country that has an economy that is expanding at a rapid-fire level. Either the world will become more independent of China or we will have to face a reality of living under the thumb of China. The leader that will take us out of this situation will not have dementia, and will be able to work past 4 PM.

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