Jewish Theologian’s Profound Sukkot Holiday Message Will Inspire the Most Uninspired

by Leah Rosenberg

What is Sukkot? Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, may his memory be a blessing, gave one of the most meaningful answers out there.

The Meaning of Sukkot

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks passed away on November 7, 2020. It has not even been a year yet since his passing, and his presence in the world is sorely missed. His pure belief in G-d, genius mind, relatable Torah thoughts, uplifting insights, and more all had (and continue to have) the power to connect even the most unconnected. And this Sukkot message is just one example of the inspiring perspective of the great theologian, philosopher, and rabbi.

Rabbi Sacks’ thoughts here are not complicated to understand. They are simple, in the most praiseworthy way. And yet, they get you. His ideas are inspiring. It is almost like an “aha moment;” a moment of discovery. Rabbi Sacks helps people discover Torah in a way they never thought they could. He gives people the chance to reflect and introspect.

This great Rabbi reminds us all that connecting to G-d can be done in so many ways; that anyone can make a home for G-d. His faith was of the most heartfelt and deep that exists in the world – until the very end. Despite Rabbi Sacks’ illness and passing from the world at a relatively young age, he believed in G-d and feared Him until his last breath. The message in this video is just a drop in the ocean of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks’ inspiring life and legacy.

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