War With China Is Coming…Very Soon

by Micha Gefen

Nothing is static in this world – especially in geopolitics. One day you are up and the next you are down. We see this clearly in the case of the USA and China.

As America pulls back and continues to descend into its own corrupt melee, China seems intent on picking up the pieces. From Africa to Afghanistan and beyond, China is pushing hard to be the main player in the world and it appears to be succeeding.

Despite China’s advances recent events have appeared to shake America and its allies to the point of finally deciding to push back. Unfortunately, this means war.

China and Pakistan’s near take over of Afghanistan after the US pulled out has damaged the Biden administration and the US irrevocably. This is forcing the USA, India, and even Russia to begin to devise a plan for stopping China from exploiting the vacuum.

China’s belligerent policy towards Taiwan will not only spur the USA into action, but Japan and Australia as well. While war is not going to end well for anyone – it now appears the only to end the hegemonic plans of China.

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