Demand for Israel to Use “Proportionality” is Insane

by Avi Abelow

With each day, we hear more politicians and journalists calling for Israel to use “proportionality”.

The insanity of this demand is exposed for all to see in this one tweet about our current Gaza war…

Ben Shapiro tackles this issue headon as well, asking why is it only with Israel that the world demands “proportionality”?

And now watch this powerful tv scene on “proportional response”

Now that the issue of proportionate response has been exposed as a way to neuter the Jewish state of Israel from protecting ourselves and defeating our enemies, let’s tackle what we actually have to do…

What do we Jews have to do in order to survive as a Jewish state in the Middle East?

Step #1: We will fight to the end and liberate Gaza from the Arab Muslim #palestinazis.

Step #2: We will fight to the end and liberate Judea & Samaria from the Arab Muslim #palestinazis.

Step #3: We will ensure that only peaceful Arab Muslims remain citizens of Israel and no #palestinazis

How long will this process take? I don’t know. But step #1 has already begun!!! Even if this war does not solve step #1, it has already changed the mindset of many Israelis to continue until the step is fulfilled.

Am Yisrael Chai!!! We will beat our enemies and overcome our internal obstacles to achieving these steps.

Justice is on the side of the Jewish people living in our ancestral homeland and so is the almighty above!!!

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