Deep State Taking Down PM Netanyahu – Decision to Indict

by Avi Abelow

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit decided tonight to indict Israeli PM Netanyahu on breach of trust and bribery.

Watch the video below for a deep dive on PM Netanyahu being indicted and it’s implications. This is what the mainstream media is not reporting!

One thing for sure is there a close similarity between the Trump impeachment inquiry and Netanyahu’s legal woes. In both cases, there is a witchhunt. For both of them, there are people within the establishment that want to take them down. Watch to understand the situation with PM Netanyahu today.

Just remember, the Attorney General, who decided to indict Netanyahu, he himself accused the Prosecutor’s Office of fabricating a case against him a few years ago (Harpaz-Barak case). Now, he is defending that same Prosecutor’s Office!

The bottom line is this: A group of people within the legal system, who have been against Bibi since he was first elected, couldn’t get rid of Bibi with elections for over 20 years, so they have been using the legal system to try to get rid of him. They have spent millions, if not hundreds of millions of tax-payer money going after Netanyahu ever since he first became Prime Minister in 1996. THAT IS THE WHOLE STORY!

Below is the video I made last week with more of the details about the mafia tactics of some within the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigators on the case. 

It is because of what I speak about in the video below that Netanyahu is calling for an investigation into the investigators.

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