Dalia Al-Aqidi Is the Biggest Threat to CAIR and Ilhan Omar

by Phil Schneider

Does Ilhan Omar have something to worry about? Sure looks like that. Democracy is often the biggest threat to those who work within a democracy to subvert it. If Ilhan Omar is elected out of Congress, it will serve as a great lesson for those who take such radical stances in the Halls of Congress.

Free Speech versus Shutting Mouths

There are those who think that there is too much free speech in today’s world. They usually will say that there is too much “hate speech.” But in truth, what they mean is that there is too much speech that opposes my viewpoint. And therefore, I’ll label there speech as “hate speech” and try to shut their mouths. This is what is done in totalitarian countries – but not in democracies. In democracies, we celebrate the freedom of speech. We understand that the best cure for the true haters like Ilhan Omar is the light of day. Exposure is the best way to allow others to realize what a threat some of these people in Congress truly are. That leads to them being sidelined in Congress as dangerous radicals. Moreover, it leads brave people to stand up against them and run for Congress.

It would be a great service to the United States of America if Ilhan Omar is voted out of Congress. There are a few more Congresspeople who also should be voted out. The Democratic Party has been brought into a downward spin toward radical progressiveness. They need to go back to liberal open-mindedness and stand for free speech – not shutting mouths.

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