Bari Weiss Sets the Record Straight on Anti-Zionism

by Micha Gefen

Although anti-zionism has often been seen in a vacuum in relation to anti-semitism, it is becoming clear to many that anti-zionist positions are no steeped with anti-semitism. After all, as known Jewish rights activist and writer Bari Weiss told Joe Rogan, “anti-zionism seeks to deny the Jewish people rights to self determination. You can discuss that before the state and it wouldn’t be anti-semitic, but after it is denying something that already exists.”

While the typical defense of people who say they are not anti-semitic, they just believe Jews having an independent entity is wrong, appears sufficient to many on the Left and some on the right, at its core it is a denial of basic rights for the Jewish people to exist within their own nation, something afforded to most indigenous cultural groups.

According to Weiss, the focus on this subject as opposed to the many places around the world which do in fact employ fascists and oppressive policies is proof enough that the over focus is grounded in anti-semitism.

More than that, the “Palestinians” are often times used as tools in this anti-semitic behavior. Why else would no one ever speak about the horrendous conditions and discrimination the “Palestinians” face in Lebanon and Jordan?

Ultimately, the focus on Israel in relation to the “Palestinians” is not because people are generally concerned with the “Palestinians” but rather they are using them in a cynical way in the hope of harming the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

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