Col. Richard Kemp silenced the entire UN

by Leah Rosenberg

Col. Richard Kemp served in the British Army in Afghanistan. He testified before the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict. Denying that Israel engaged in War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.

Gaza Conflict

With much opposition from many, the State of Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip in 2005. It was then Hamas was elected in to power, Fatah who lost the election was ousted. As part of the plan Israel still retained control over Gaza’s airspace and territorial waters. Israel largely supplies Gaza’s water supply, electricity and communications infrastructure. Many feel this makes Israel the occupying power.

Many thought that Israel leaving the Gaza Strip would help with the peace process. Hamas, a party that does not recognize the right for the state of Israel to exist. Hamas is an acronym, it means the Islamic Resistance Movement. Its aim is to liberate the Palestinian people, eradicating Israel and moving the Jewish People into the sea.

Since Hamas have gained power, in 2006 elections, tension between Israel and Gaza has intensified. There have been more rockets on Israel than ever before. Israel, many times has responded with military action to the amount of rockets that fall on its cities on the south. The United Nations has always called for a ceasefire but to the dismay of many, this only lasts for a short while before it rains rockets on the south of Israel again.

United Nations and Israel

The United Nations over the past years had shown biased against Israel. Many of its members, specially the ones the Human Rights Council are the enemies of Israel, countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Many of these countries violate human rights themselves. The United Nations has sanctioned Israel more times, than any other country in the World.

Has anyone on the United Nations committee ever stepped foot in Israel? Has anyone of them actually seen what happens on the front line on the Gaza Border? Has anyone ever thought that Israel has a right to defend itself? Colonel Richard Kemp has gone to see the Gaza border. He has seen the riots on the line daily. He has seen how the Israeli Army has treated the Palestinian people.

The Israeli Army is careful of the citizens of Gaza, it does everything in its power to make sure no citizens are hurt. It is not the other way round, Hamas does not care for its civilians, it puts the people on the front line.

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