Secretary of State Pompeo’s remarks at AIPAC had the whole crowd cheering

by Leah Rosenberg

Secretary of State Pompeo’s words should make Jews everywhere proud. He is really standing up for Israel publicly, and it is so refreshing!

Secretary of State Pompeo at AIPAC

Mike Pompeo gave an unbelievable speech at AIPAC. Anytime someone stands up for Israel and the Jewish people in such a strong way, that person deserves a lot of recognition and gratitude. Secretary of State Pompeo gets it. He understands Israel. He knows what it means to support the Jewish state.

Anti-Zionism IS Antisemitism

Mike Pompeo speaks about something that the antisemitic world pretends isn’t true. They like to claim that they can be anti-zionists without being anti-semites. But that is just false. These anti-semites use Israel as an excuse to hate the Jewish people. They argue that it is not antisemitism to criticize the Jewish state. But the thing is, they are not just criticizing the Jewish state for being imperfect. No country is perfect. But they demonize the Jewish state. The antisemitic world delegitimizes Israel and wants it destroyed. Wanting the only Jewish state in the world to be obliterated is nothing but pure antisemitism.

Why it is so Important

In a world where so many are making absurd claims against Israel and the Jewish people (including anti-semites in America’s own Democratic Party), Secretary of State Pompeo’s speech is that much more important. He really understands the history of Israel and the facts. Pompeo knows the truth. The world is filled with people spreading false ideas, and Pompeo is fighting against that!

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