CNN nails it on antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

CNN News has finally got it right. This clip discussing antisemitism shared important truths that many on the Left will not admit.

CNN News Nails it

Thank you, CNN News, finally for a report states the truth that antisemitism is not just coming from the alt-right. Yes, there have been attacks on Jews by White Supremacists. But the recent attacks in New York against the Jewish community have been by far Leftists. And for politicians and others to blame President Trump is absurd beyond words. If CNN is even saying that people like Mayor Bill de Blasio should not be blaming Trump, then it is something that EVERYONE should listen to.

Blaming the right and Trump for the antisemitism in NYC just allows it to happen more. It does not deal with the issue. President Trump has been the best president for the Jewish people. He has fought antisemitism in a way that others before him did not. He moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. It makes no sense to blame a president like him for antisemitism.

Antisemitism cannot be stopped if those who should be stopping it refuse to address and name the offenders. It is time people stood up and defended the Jewish community in the proper way. This is not a politics game. This is life and death. And it is quite refreshing to see that in this report even CNN gets it.

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