Christian persecution is on the rise, and Americans are finally taking a stand

by Phil Schneider

It is rare that we think about a practicing Christian as a persecuted minority. After all, they clearly are the most prevalent religion in the Western world – especially in the United States. However, things are-a-changin. In Europe, it is doubtful whether or not Christianity will be the leading religion in a few more decades. In the United States, if the borders are left wide open, then we’ll have the same reality to face up to – a few decades later.

But in the Middle East, it is plain to see for anyone who opens their eyes what happens to Christian minorities in Muslim majority countries.

Standing Up to Oppression

It will always be easier to not confront aggressors and oppressors. It is unpleasant. It leads to alot more discomfort than the small aggression of the aggressors. It turns small issues into big issues. However, some small issues are indeed just the beginning of very big issues.

The way that Christians and other non-Muslim religions are treated today in certain pockets of the world is a big deal. Today, this may seem like a minor nuisance in specific areas of the Middle East. But in truth, it is now becoming something that is not uncommon on the streets of England or the United States. The key is whether or not people decide to stand up and speak with their leaders about not having no-go zones or safe zones for other religions that oppose non-Muslims.

Their needs to be zero fear of dealing with the Muslim threat on other religions. If freedom of religion is a basic tenet of the Western World, then this needs to be something that is absolutely non-negotiable. It needs to be off the table. If someone wants freedom from other religions by oppressing other religions, that needs to be off the table. If this is internalized, and immigration is controlled, then we have a chance of preserving our way of life for the future generations.

Debunking Media Lies
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