Anti-Israel groups threaten and attack pro-Israel students at NYU

by Leah Rosenberg

Why should pro-Israel students and Jewish students have to feel threatened on college campuses? And the fact that they have to fight for safety is absurd!

Pro-Israel Students on Campus

Pro-Israel students across college campuses are being harassed and threatened. Professors are too. These student should not have to fear supporting the Jewish state. And it is frightening that in such well known places like NYU, the hate is spreading. In fact, the university seems to be allowing it. Hatred of Israel has almost become the norm. College should be a place to learn. It should be an accepting place. But sadly, not all students are accepted for their beliefs. The pro-Israel students are not only rejected, but they are attacked in different ways. And NYU students are finally taking a stand! They are speaking out to defend pro-Israel students across all campuses.

Israel Represents Democracy

No student should be harassed. But the fact that the students who are being threatened are the students who support equality and democracy is just irrational. Israel represents democracy. Israel represents freedom for all religions. So what are these anti-Israel groups fighting against? All of these Western values. Whether they are ignorant or antisemitic, they are fighting against the wrong thing. The world needs to realize that. How much more antisemitism on campus needs to exist before people wake up and see the truth? How much more does Israel need to contribute to the world before the world sees all the good Israel has to offer? The questions remain.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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