Christian Americans are being targeted by the next Vice President

by Leah Rosenberg

If Joe Biden wins, Kamala Harris will be the Vice President. If she is VP, religious people are going to struggle because of her and others like her.

A Vice President’s View on Religion

The potential vice president, Kamala Harris, wants to basically abolish religion from the system. She is not the only one. Other Democrats plan to do the same. They want to completely remove religion and G-d from the core of America. They want to remove the founding principles. This is not a joke. This is not an exaggeration. Just listen to the way they speak and what they do. Many people might not even be aware of the type of President and VP they plan to vote for.

What about the Constitution?

Does the Constitution not mean anything anymore? What about religious freedom? Don’t Americans condemn those countries that persecute those who are religious or of a different religion?

Well, that is exactly what is happening in America. The Democrats are trying to take away religious freedom. They do not believe that you can be a proud and good American and also be religious. This video explains that. Senator Josh Hawley made his point very clearly. He called out the Democrats for what they are doing.

The fact that the potential vice president is against religion is frightening. If she gets into office with Joe Biden, who knows what will happen to those who are religious.

Think Before Voting

You may not like President Trump, but he values religion. He supports it. He defends it. Trump has done good things for America and for the world. He defends the constitution and the values on which America was founded.

You may not agree with every single one of Trump’s policies, but Biden and Harris will bring America down. They will bring religion down. Their plans for America should make Americans shake with fear, but instead, so many have been brainwashed to not vote for Trump without knowing anything about the other side that they would vote for.

Please, think before voting.

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