The mind-blowing story of a Kuwaiti Muslim who found out he’s a Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

Growing up as a Kuwaiti Muslim meant hating the Jews. But what happens when that same person finds out he himself is a Jew? What an incredible story.

Kuwaiti Muslim or a Jew?

This is a one in 10 million story. He was raised in a completely Arab world into a Muslim family and only discovered his Judaism in his adult life. It was a hidden secret that his grandmother didn’t tell.

If you found out you were actually a completely different religion with a completely different history, what would you do? Many people might be too overwhelmed to look into the truth. They would maybe just ignore it and continue on with their lives that they were living for decades.

What is so amazing is that he did not run away from his new reality. He went on a search and became an active member of the Jewish Tribe, of the nation of Israel. Going from a Jew-hating Muslim to a religious Jew is not something small. That is an entire life change. An entire change of mindset.

It is truly inspiring that he chose to be part of his newfound identity and to embrace it. If only we all embraced who we truly are!

Motivation for Terror
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