Charlie Kirk gave the best response to the Left’s racism on live TV

by Phil Schneider

Charlie Kirk is right on in his response to this leftist’s statements. Is racial divisiveness something that is built in to the construct of the United States and the Western world? Charlie Kirk and others believe otherwise. The idea of some sort of a white privilege that creates a disadvantage to black people when they wake up in the morning is itself a racist belief.

Whenever the idea of racism is broached, it is very easy to be overwhelmed with guilt about past attitudes that truly were pervasive in the world. But today, things are indeed much better – even if they are imperfect. The United States is a country where it is absolutely normal to have an African American President, African American Most Valuable Player in any sport, and African American Talk Show Hosts and Comedians that everybody enjoys. Whatever systemic racism once existed is no longer a dominant aspect of life in America at all.

But there are those that don’t want it to disappear. They push and push onwards in order to keep the flames of racism alive. In this way, the actions of rioters can be justified – even if that means applying a double standard to the very people that the Black Lives Matter movement is trying to help. That double standard is a racist attitude. In today’s odd world, the Democratic Party has adopted the progressive views on issues – even if this includes racist attitudes. But in truth, if law and order should not be used to bring the world to a more just way, then things will just devolve into more anarchy.

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