China Just Beat The USA With This One Move

by Micha Gefen

Reports are streaming in that China successfully tested a nuclear hypersonic missile – shocking US intelligence and widening the technology gap between the US and China.

It has been widely accepted that China has now become the most powerful economy in the world – surpassing a declining US. Despite that, most observers still saw the US far ahead of China when it came to military technology. Unfortunately, not anymore.

For a country like China who prides itself on stealing the technology of others, the leap in technological advancement in connection to the hypersonic missiles is not just shocking, but if you are the US and the West – threatening on par with a geopolitical extinction event.

The hypersonic missile means that there must be other advancements China is hiding. After all, one never shows all of their cards. So if China has surpassed the USA in regards to economy and now missile technology, it is a sure bet they have something else even more groundbreaking.

Empires come and go, but no one expected the USA to be overtaken by Communist China in such a record amount of time.

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