China vs. Israel In Africa

by Micha Gefen

Over the last 20 years China has taken over large areas of Africa by using economic neo-colonialism to control entire countries. We see this in Ethiopia and Zambia as well as other countries.

Most observers correctly describe China’s policy in Africa as a new form of enslavement. However, as Israel begins to wake up from its dream of being best friends with China, it has decided to take a farm more serious role in partnering with many countries in Africa.l

Now a member of the African Union, Israel can be directly involved with the continent in ways China can’t. Ever since the early days of Netanyahu’s tenure as Prime Minister,Israel has made inroads into the continent as a partner. By offering a alternative to China’s neo-colonial policy, Israel can help the African Union push back on China’s Africa advance.

This of course will trigger a far more dangerous response from Beijing.

Arab Incitement
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