China Is Coming To Syria – Threatening Israel

by Micha Gefen

While Israel has been focusing on Russia’s military presence in Syria, another alarming development has begun. China has decided to give aid to Syria in the form of communications equipment.

According to the official statement published by Beijing, China and Syria inked the deal at the Chinese embassy in Syria on July 20th.

While its not clear what kind of communications equipment, the deal includes, Israeli sources told Breaking Defense the following:

“We have indications that Chinese experts visited in recent months some Syrian military installations that were damaged heavily during the civil war. We believe that many [facilities] of the Syrian army will be rebuilt by the Chinese, who have the capability of bringing in thousands of workers to complete the work in the shortest time.”

This development is obviously worrying for Israel and brings another major world power into any potential conflict between the Jewish State and Iran including Hezbollah and Syria.

With Russia and China prepared to join up with Israel’s enemies at the same time that the USA appears to be on the retreat, Israel is essentially alone once again to fend for itself.

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