Chinese Communist Party Wants Australia To Submit

by Micha Gefen

Beijing continues to expand its pressure campaign against Australia. First it was economic tariffs and now it is interference in Australia’s defenses.

According o experts, China wants Australia to abandon its ambitious defense project in and around its borders. The main goal is to enable China to move its nuclear submarines into direct range of the US. Australia is not backing down on this issue.

Cheng Xionong, a Chinese Economist says the following regarding CCP plans:

“About ten years ago the CCP formulated a basic policy, calling it in its own words, ‘A Big Game Of Chess.’ They would use nuclear submarines carrying long-range intercontinental missiles as a means to threaten the United States. Therefore, it is using a series of strategies to reach this goal step by step.”

For Australia, it is about sovereign rights – something China cares little about.

This is why the artificial islands China has been building in the South China Sea are so important. They are meant to be used as a staging area and base for submarines.

China’s goal of out maneuvering the US and its allies is on course. Yes, President Trump held it back, but his departure appears to be setting the stage for Beijing to push forward unhindered – that is if Australia gives in.

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