Israel’s multi-tier defense system sends a clear message to its enemies

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has to be be prepared for any type of attack. That is the reality. And they have now tested the multi-tier defense system.

The Success of the Multi-Tier Defense System

Israel wishes it did not have to defend itself against attacks. But in the world we live in, Israel has to be prepared to defend itself against anything and everything. And they have come up with different technology to help keep their citizens safe. The multi-tier defense system has been tested, and the test was successful.

The hope is that Israel will never have to use such a system, but Israel’s enemies should know that they will defend themselves against any type of attack. Israel is ready to take down the enemy.

Israel’s Enemies Should Back Down

Have Israel’s enemies not learned from history? Enemy after enemy has tried to destroy Israel and the Jewish nation for centuries and centuries. They have not succeeded. In fact, they have failed miserably. The Jewish nation has continued to grow and flourish. Those ancient enemies are gone, and Israel is here.

G-d will not allow the nation of Israel to be wiped out. They are His chosen people. It is time Israel’s enemies backed down.

All the empires that were considered “great” have disappeared. Ancient Egypt is no longer. The Roman Empire is gone. The list goes on and on.

But the Jewish people are still here. Not only are they here, but they have their own state, government, and army. They are strong, and they aren’t going anywhere.

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