WAR DRUMS: Chinese Regime Aims To Occupy Hong Kong

by David Mark

With tensions rising between China and the USA along with its allies, the Chinese Communist party in Beijing has decided to take a step towards direct conflict with the West by changing its relationship with Hong Kong to one of absolute rule – breaking agreement and international norms.

From 1898 to 1997, Great Britain ruled over Hong Kong. When they returned it to China, the regime in Beijing instituted a “one country, two systems” principle, allowing Hong Kong to continue functioning like a Western Democracy as opposed to the rest of China, which is a totalitarian communist regime.

By pushing forward a controversial security law, China is pushing directly back on the West and the Trump administration who has pledged to support Hong Kong’s freedom.

The law is expected to ban treason, subversion and sedition, and comes after Hong Kong was shaken by months of massive, sometimes violent anti-government protests, and repeated warnings from Beijing that it would not tolerate dissent.

The security law has the power to jail offenders for speaking offensive statements against Beijing for up to 25 years.

International allies of Hong Kong from England to the USA immediately condemned the move. Local Democracy leaders threatened more protests.

The key aspect of Beijing’s move is whether it will elicit a reaction from the USA and Great Britain. China is expecting that Hong Kong is an easy win for them. However, President Trump must make a decision on holding back the Chinese dragon from further direct takeovers. With Taiwan in its sites, the CCP wants to use Hong Kong to test if Trump is for real in his statements opposing Chinese expansion.

Regardless of whether the Trump administration puts their foot down over Hong Kong or Taiwan, the newest Cold War is fast turning to open warfare between China and the West.

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