The mystifying discovery found near the Western Wall

by Phil Schneider

The Western Wall is but a small remnant of an outer wall of what was the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. It was destroyed nearly 2,000 years ago by the Roman Empire. Today, and every day, there is an enormous amount of evidence that is discovered that has brought the ancient times to life. You can literally hold in your hand things that have clear writing on them from the Roman period.

Jerusalem was the center of the Jewish people for approximately 1,000 years. It was a special location beforehand too. But from the time of King David, the city of Jerusalem was and is the city that all of the Jewish people yearned for. It is difficult for anyone who is not Jewish to fully grasp to what extent the city of Jerusalem is indeed the heart of the Jewish people. But, the Temple is certainly not the only reason – it is the heart of Jerusalem. But, beyond the Temple, Jerusalem was a city that Jewish people lived in and thrived in over approximately 1,000 years until they were driven out.

In general, a people lose their connection to a place when they are exiled from it – especially if the exile lasts for nearly 2,000 years. But the Jewish bond to Jerusalem just grew over time. The yearning became even greater. This is an unprecedented connection of a people to it’s Land. That is why every new discovery in Jerusalem brings so much excitement It uncovers yet another layer of the connection that so many people feel to this new-old city.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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