Girl Caught Praying on the Temple Mount and Kicked Off

by Avi Abelow

This is the despicable discrimination Jews experience on our holiest site, the Temple Mount. The Muslims forbid Jews from even moving our lips in prayer!

Caught Praying

All this girl wanted to do was pray. That’s it. Just pray. Yet because the Muslims forbid the Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, the Israeli authorities appease the Muslims and make sure no Jews pray. The Muslims always threaten that if Jews pray on the Temple Mount then they will start World War III, and the Israeli authorities give in and appease these Muslim threats.

The experience of a Jew visiting the holiest site to the Jewish people becomes a disgrace. We are followed by the police and Muslim officials videoing us, looking at our lips and stopping us from doing anything they think is “suspicious”. Not suspicious terror activity, suspicious lip movements in prayer!

Kicked off the Mount

Because they caught this girl praying under her breath, but moving her lips, the Muslim authorities and the Israeli police remove her from the Temple Mount.

Not Just Prayer

The Muslims don’t just forbid Jews from praying. We are also forbidden from eating anything or drinking from the water fountains on the Mount. As Jews say blessings before we eat or drink, the Muslims do not want us saying any blessings at all. They also don’t want us to “desecrate” the water fountains on the Mount.

Despicable Treatment

This is the despicable treatment that Jews are given on the holiest site to our people, where our the Jewish Temple stood thousands of years ago.

We demand that the Israeli authorities immediately stop appeasing the Muslim intolerance and threats of violence and finally allow the Jews to have freedom of worship on our holiest site.

When will the world learn that appeasing the intolerance and violence of the Muslims encuorages more intolerance and violence? We must stop appeasing the Muslims, and the day that happens will be the day the world begins to be a safer place, for all.

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