Caught On Video: Hamas Steals Humanitarian Supplies

by David Mark

Western governments have been demanding that Israel transfer tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza for its “civilian”population. Israel has warned that this aid will be taken by Hamas.

While there have been many eyewitness accounts of Hamas stealing the food and fuel meant to be given out to Gazans, the above video is a direct proof that Hamas pillages and steals the aid for themselves. Sinwar and his dwindling band of Nazi-Jihadist terrorists are taking the bulk of the supplies, not only harming what the world considers “innocent” Gazans, but stocking up to prolong the war and harm the IDF soldiers.

No other sovereign country in the world would be forced to supply its own enemy with the means for the enemy to stand stronger against it. However, this is exactly what is going on. The US government is actually making things worse for both Israel and the few Gazan “civilians” that had nothing to do with the pogrom against Jews in Southern Israel.

The more fuel Hamas has, the more the air in the tunnel network or whats left of it in Southern Gaza, will remain ventilated and breathable – giving Sinwar time to plan his next move – causing a greater civilian crisis.

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