Jewish-American Grandma Predicted the Future Back in March 2023

by Phil Schneider

This woman is something else! She really saw the trend before it became crystal clear to everybody else. This was filmed way before the events of October 7th. How did she see it? Is their something unique about this grandmother?

Anybody lucky enough to have a smart grandmother knows what a wonderful gift it is. But this woman is not just smart. She knows her history and has learned the lessons well. The exile from the Land of Israel has always been and continues to be a punishment. It was a necessity. But it no longer remains a necessity with the rebirth of the resettlement of the Land of Israel over the last 150-200 years.

True, it was difficult financially in the early years of the State of Israel. Even through the mid 1980’s, Israel had not truly matured as a modern Western country and inflation was a constant nagging threat to people’s livelihood. But, since then, Israel has quickly grown into a major economic engine wherein most young people can find their place to succeed and thrive.

The grandmother is right on in her description about how wonderful America has been. What is often forgotten is how short the Jewish story in America has been for most Jewish families. Although their were Jewish people in the original 13 colonies, some of whom played critical roles in the American revolution, like Hayim Solomon, most came way after. Until the year 1880, there were no more than a few hundred thousand Jews in all of America. The masses started to come after pogroms in the Russian Empire in the 1880’s and early 1900’s. That is when the American Jewish population began to swell into the millions. So, it has only been around 100-150 years that most Jews in America have had a comfortable home.

But as concerns of a potential economic downturn grow, and unbridled mass immigration fundamentally shift the character of the population, the inevitable will occur. The Jews will be blamed, no matter what. She is right. It is time to start shifting gears and to plan a return to the Land of Israel before it is too late.

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