Car Ramming Terror Attack Outside Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

While a majority of the Jewish and Muslim populations are locked down in their homes due to the coronavirus, a Muslim terrorist decided to commit a car ramming terror attack on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

A friend of mine, Johnny Solomon, posted the following information following the car-ramming attack this morning: As some of you may have already seen in the news, this morning a terrorist drove into a border police officer at a Jerusalem check-point border and then pursued him with a knife in order to stab and kill him. In response, other border police soldiers neutralized the terrorist who, aside from the knife, was then found to be carrying a pipe bomb in his backpack. Fortunately notwithstanding the horrific nature of the attack the wounds suffered by the individual soldier are not life-threatening.
As mentioned, some of you may have heard about this attack. However, few of you will know that there have been two other attempted attacks at that check-point just this week, and that, also this week, there was an attempt to run-over border police at the Ramallah border.
Of course, we should all be aware of these facts, but admittedly this one is more personal because at the next border control was our Racheli – a lone soldier who we’ve ‘adopted’ into our family, whom we care about deeply, and towards whom we feel a great sense of responsibility for as a family. Unfortunately due to the situation we’ve not seen Racheli for some weeks. However, as she told me in a message this morning after this incident, it has been an exhausting month for her and her fellow soldiers who are physically and emotionally drained. But then things like this happen which remind them what they are there to do and the kinds of people they are protecting the citizens of Israel from.
As we know, next week is Yom Hazikaron when we remember the tremendous human cost to our people of having a country that protects our people. But rather than waiting till then I simply want to take a moment to thank – with all my heart – all our soldiers who endanger their lives on a daily basis to protect us – may God protect each and every one of you.

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