When Coronavirus Meets The Sounds Of Music

by Phil Schneider

How did we find ourselves stuck at home for over a month, without the ability to go off to work and have normal lives. Well, how did it all start?Let’s go back to Julie Andrews and learn a thing or two from “The Sound of Music.”

So, will our lives go back to the way it was beforehand? Probably not for a while. It will probably only go back to the “old” world when a vaccine is found. But a very effective treatment may also do the job. When will this happen? Probably not for another few months.

But until then, it is time that the focus of the world be on uniting the world in order to save lives and not on fragmenting the world in order to pin blame. Yes, China may be the main enemy. But, let’s not blame Congress or President Trump for Corona. Let’s get back to normal in the reasonable time that we all can decide on, and then we’ll have time to decide how to deal with China. Otherwise, we’ll be watching more and more Corona Sound of Music videos in another 6 months too.

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