Amnesty International Turns Against Peace

by Phil Schneider

What is Amnesty International truly about? Is it about promoting peace? Or is Amnesty International a place for anti-Israel bashing? Honest Reporting exposes the essential nature of so many so-called “peace” activists. Human Rights workers and journalists should not work with terrorists. They should be promoting real peace. Instead, they are probably doing more damage than good.

Whenever one hears about a “peace” or “human rights” organization today, it is more often than not, a cover. It is usually an anti-Israel or progressive organization that has been created to whitewash their true intentions. Organizations such as Honest Reporting are right on for pointing out the hypocrisy.

But these organizations could not make a great impact if they would not have the support of newspapers and news outlets that pump them up. It is our job more than ever to use alternative news outlets to the New York Times, CNN, and other problematic sources. In today’s day and age, we are able to find so many alternatives online. There is simply no need to give in to our old habits. Find those sources by searching online for the journalists that you like to read. Then look for the websites that publish their articles. Subscribe to them, and get off the New York Times and CNN. Otherwise, you will be inadvertently propping up the progressive and anti-Israel movements.

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