Modern Nazis Getting Away with Murder & the World is Silent

by Avi Abelow

This is related to Holocaust Remembrance Day because the cause called “palestine” is nazism in its modern form, yet ignored as such by too many of our own! We can’t expect people to internalize this basic fact, if so many Israelis ignore this simple fact as well.

“Palestine” & “palestinians” are code words for a cause all about murdering Jews and destroying the Jewish state of Israel. PERIOD.

The father of the cause called “palestinians” (then just identified as murdering Jews) was Hitler’s partner in massacring the Jews, Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini. Hitler outsourced the annihilating of all the Jews in the Middle East to him! Thank G-d the Nazis were defeated before their plan in the Middle East began.

Please, please, on this Holocaust Remembrance Day, help me get this message across. Focusing on the dead Jews of the holocaust does nothing if we do not focus on the modern nazi agenda, today disguised as the cause called “palestine”. Supporting the cause called “palestine” means supporting the Nazi agenda in its modern form!!! And that is ignored by too many people, journalists and leaders.

“Never again” is a meaningless sentiment if we are silent about the daily incitement to kill Jews from our “peace” partners the “palestinians” who educate their children in textbooks and on their tv programs to murder us and destroy Israel.

Please help spread this basic truth that can’t be ignored. Otherwise, never again remains just an empty marketing slogan.

Arab Incitement
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