President Trump Questions The Official Chinese COVID-19 Numbers

by Micha Gefen

President Trump once again questions the official numbers being released by the Chinese Communist Regime in Beijing. “Does anybody believe that number?” the President asked.

President Trump is beginning to set the stage for his attack back at the Chinese regime’s actions during the coronavirus outbreak. It has become apparent now to most experts that the Chinese Communist Party knew about the Wuhan Virus outbreak and did nothing to stop it from exponentially growing.

The CCP purposely lied about the number of infections and deaths in order to play up their capabilities and downplay the danger of the virus.

Yet, when you see their official numbers next to countries with far more advanced healthcare systems, President Trump’s accusations that China keeps lying begin to ring true.

The key part is that President Trump, like always is on a pivot. From the beginning he correctly pointed at China for being the number one enemy of the USA, not Russia as had been pushed by the MSM and neocons.

The President successfully held the CCP accountable for the economic blackmail and innovation theft that is rampant within the CCP. While the MSM has attacked Trump’s response to COVID-19, they have attacked him all along. True his poll numbers have taken a hit, but as the CCP culpability becomes more and more apparent and Trump’s push back against Beijing becomes more and more robust, the President’s poll numbers will rise.

We are in the first act of a three part play. Whether the Wuhan virus was a bioweapon or a convenient use of an outbreak, the CCP and the USA are now on a direct path to a head on clash that will decide the fate of the world.

President Trump may be many things, but on China he has been right all along. After all, he has been saying this for over twenty years. The American people have only now begun to wake up.

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