Busting one of the Biggest Archaeological Myths about Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Where are the real Old City walls of Jerusalem? Not where you think. Add this to the historical and archaeological myths about Jerusalem!

Busting Myths about Jerusalem

So many of us think one thing is true about Jerusalem, and then we find out otherwise! We all have to learn the history, the archaeology, and the facts so that we can bust myths about Jerusalem. There are some myths that people don’t mean to misinform others about, but it has just been accepted. Like regarding Jerusalem’s real marketplace as well as other things!

Tourists love to see Jerusalem’s Old City walls. But the thing is, those walls are not the 3,000 year old walls that some people think they are. Yes, they are hundreds of years old, as mentioned in the video. But thousands of years is far more significant and historical than hundreds of years! We are talking about the times of King David. We are talking about walls from the time of the Bible!

As mentioned in the video, it is unbelievable to discover and uncover ancient Jerusalem history while creating and building modern Jerusalem history. There is something so spectacular about it.

So, isn’t it fascinating to learn about where the real Old City walls are and the real ancient Jerusalem? Where King David really lived? There is so much to learn and discover. There is so much archaeology to see. And over the years, little by little, more truth has been uncovered. More history. More of the ancient past.

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