See the Original Ancient Marketplace in Jerusalem’s Old City

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem’s Old City is filled with historical and archaeological secrets. Discover where the real Jerusalem marketplace used to be!

The Ancient Marketplace in Jerusalem’s Old City

A lot of what we see today in Jerusalem’s Old City is not what existed thousands of years ago. What we call the marketplace or Shuk was not the marketplace of the Temple times.

But the area of the real marketplace from the Temple times is still there for us to see and discover – and that is just remarkable. To be able to get a glimpse of what existed thousands of years ago; to be able to use your imagination and picture what different vendors sold as people walked up to the Temple is incredible. That is what is so special about Jerusalem and Israel. History comes to life in a way that it doesn’t in other places throughout the world. And not just history from a few hundred years ago. We are talking about history from thousands of years ago! History that connects us to our ancestors. The archaeology that has been discovered truly gives us a glimpse into the past and brings the Bible to life. You can literally read the Bible and see the places and artifacts that the Bible mentions.

Obviously, many things people shop for today in different marketplaces in Jerusalem are not what people back then shopped for. But it is very possible that many things are similar!

Connecting to your own history in such a real way is magnificent. There is truly nothing like it!

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