Freedom Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Arrested for “Unacceptable Views”

by Leah Rosenberg

What’s happening in Canada is absolutely terrifying. All because of a call for freedom…a freedom convoy. The organizer was arrested!

Here is a video from Tamara Lich shortly before she was arrested:

Arrested Because of a FREEDOM Convoy

Listen to Tamara Lich in the video. Listen to her cry. She organized a freedom convoy. She is fighting for freedom. And Canada can’t handle that? They can’t handle peaceful protesters who want freedom? They can’t handle Democracy?

Canada is now officially arresting people for holding “unacceptable views,” according to PM Trudeau. A country that considers itself a democracy arresting people for the crime of organizing a mass grassroots, nonviolent protest should horrify each and every one of you. Surely we can all agree on that – whatever side of this you’re on.

Tamara is by no means an extremist or violent. Listen to her words to all her followers: “Just please, stay peaceful. And please take care of each other.” She also said, “The only way this is going to succeed is if we always come from a place of love.” THIS is the woman that is being arrested? THIS is the woman who because of people like her, PM Trudeau is invoking the Emergencies Act? How horrifying of Canada! How shameful! How disturbing!

Those protesting for their freedom are not afraid. They are willing to do everything they can to get their freedoms back – without violence and extremism. The world needs to know the truth.

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