Brutal video emerges of horrifying Leftist violence

by Leah Rosenberg

This video of leftist violence is stomach-turning. The media doesn’t think it’s important enough to show because it goes against their narrative.

Horrid Leftist Violence

This leftist violence carried out by Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters is actually hard to watch. The situation is out of control, and anyone who supports these organizations supports violence and racism.

Yes, racism. No, not against Blacks. They are racist, but against Whites. And whether you are White or Black, if you don’t support BLM, they will act violently against you.

Does that even make sense? BLM will act violently against Blacks. But don’t they claim that Black Lives Matter? Well, Black Lives only matter if you support Leftist violence.

And if you are White – just take a look at this video. No more needs to be said. It is just horrifying. Appalling. Shocking.

Did MSNBC tell you about it? Not a chance. CNN? No. They do not share news stories that go against their false narrative of White Supremacy in America.

Put Aside Politics

It is not about politics. It is not about the Black community or bettering America. This is about terrorist thugs who are going after American citizens and bringing down one of the freest countries on Earth. This is about Antifa and BLM destroying America. Whether you support President Trump or not, whether you associate with the Right, the Center, or the Left, you should agree that what is happening in America right now is wrong. The fact that politicians and media outlets have remained silent instead of condemning these acts and stopping them just shows how truly twisted they really are.

We can all have different opinions, but when it comes to universal morals, there should be only one response.

And supporting BLM and Antifa is most definitely not the right answer.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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