Saudi Arabia Demands “Palestine” for Peace

by Avi Abelow

Following the deal normalizing ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, Saudi Arabia has now publicly stated that they will only normalize ties with Israel agreed to the establishment of a state called Palestine. Not only that, but they are calling upon all other Arab Muslim countries to make that same demand.

First of all, if that is their demand, then Prime Minister Netanyahu, and all right-wing leaders will say no. While Israel is very much interested in normalizing ties with Arab Muslim countries, in no way will they agree to the establishment of another failed Arab terror state on our land, endangering the survival of Israel.

We must remember, the Arab Muslim countries need a peace deal with Israel more than Israel needs a peace deal with them, so they are in no place to make such demands. Israel can, and MUST, say No! 

As Dr. Mordechai Kedar, expert on the Middle East and Islam, said in an interview with me last week: 

It is bad enough that Israel agreed to the demand to postpone the application of sovereignty in Judea & Samaria for the deal with the UAE. Israel can never, ever agree to the demand to create a terror state called Palestine, on our homeland.

The sad irony is, that true peace can only be achieved when Israel applied sovereignty in Judea & Samaria, while the creation of Palestine enables the continuation of terror and violence, making peace impossible.

Our concern is not Prime Minister Netanyahu, but President Trump and his administration. While we have been vocal in our support of President Trump and his pro-Israel policy, we know that he has stated his overall desire to achieve peace in the Middle East. He would love to achieve a peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia. That would be a huge achievement for him.

However, that would be a disaster for Israel. We must give over the message to our elected officials and a President Trump, that Israel should never agree to create a state called Palestine in return for a peace deal with Saudi Arabia or any Arab Muslim country. That is a disastrous deal, that endangers Israel and does nothing for peace.

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