Brothers of 9/11 survivor who was killed in Kenya terror attack speak out

by Phil Schneider

There are threats to citizens of the United States all over the world. It is easy to want to just stay home and go nowhere. But the truth is that there are levels of danger throughout the world. Europe has become more and more dangerous over the last decade. But, there is no question that most of Africa is more dangerous than anywhere else.

A Checkered History of Terror

Kenya is largely a Christian country. But there is a minority that threatens the peace in this African country. On January 15th, 2019, four gunmen attacked a complex at 14 Riverside Drive. The terrorists killed at 21 people and injured several others in the process before the Kenyan security forces stopped them.

There had been a few incidents back in 2015 and many in 2014. The Al -Shabab group attacked buses and specifically targeted non-Muslims. There have been scattered attacks throughout the last 2 decades. But the one attack that sticks out more than any other is the August, 1998 United States Embassy bombing in Nairobi. More than 200 people were killed and around 4,000 people wounded. This placed Osama Bin-Laden and Al-Qaeda on the map. The FBI began to follow Bin-Laden much more closely after that. But evidently not close enough.

Islamic extremists have had a consistent track record of terror nearly anywhere they choose to. Africa is no different. Kenya is a prime example.

Arab Incitement
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