Brooke Goldstein rips apart Peter Beinart’s racist approach toward Israel

by Phil Schneider

There is a sad phenomenon of self-hating Jews that has existed in the world for millenia. Peter Beinart is an anti-Israel Jew. It is hard to accept this, but some people wish they were born not Jewish. Peter Beinart actually supports an end to the State of Israel and create a bi-national Jewish-Palestinian State. There is no better example of a horrible idea that is detached from reality that comes from the ivory tower of University scholarship. Peter Beinart’s genuinely believes that the Jewish State has no right to exist.

It is exactly the kind of thinking from Peter Beinart that had led to the ideas behind the Oslo process and agreement. In this agreement, Israel handed tens of thousands of rifles to Arabs – so-called “Palestinians” – and formed joint patrols between Jews and “Palestinians.” This lasted for a few months – until some of the “Palestinians” turned their weapons on the Israelis who were guarding with them. Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin were the Israeli leaders who reached the agreement with Yasser Arafat. In addition to the joint patrol idea being a total failure, a years-long attack of Arabs on Israelis ensued soon after the Arabs received weapons. More than a thousand Israelis were killed, and it was absolutely connected to the guns that the terrorists used.

In the Middle East, the negotiating table is not the solution to most issues. The solution to most issues is to make sure that the Jewish people have a strong and potent military and the Arab minority does not. The idea of having an armed anti-Jewish minority inside of the State of Israel is an idea that will cost Jewish lives. Peter Beinart’s idea is akin to arming the Black Lives Matter movement with weapons in order to make sure that the police don’t have too much power to dominate the streets. Will that solve the problems of crime in Chicago or will the BLM movement simply kill more police officers?

The nonsense of a weak Jew is over. That is a past idea that only exilic Jews identify with. Opinions such as those of other progressives like Beinart would not win even one seat in Israel’s Knesset.

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