British politician makes short video blasting Labour party for antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

British politician Dominic Raab is personally offended by all the antisemitism that the Labour Party has exhibited. Check out this video.

British Politician Condemns Labour

Many people have slammed the Labour Party for their continuous and horrific antisemitism. Aside from antisemitism and racism being morally wrong, Dominic Raab is deeply connected. His father was a Holocaust survivor and escaped Nazi death at a young age. Watching the Labour Party’s antisemitism makes many worried. Labour used to be different. But Jeremy Corbyn turned the party into something embarrassing. The things he does and says are just sickening. Corbyn has defended terrorists and suicide bombers, compared Israel to Nazi Germany, and more. None of those things are acceptable for any politician, leader, or “regular” person. EVER.

Intolerance is Not About Parties

Condemning intolerance, racism, and antisemitism is not about politics. It is not about which party a politician belongs to. It is much deeper than party political divides. Hate should not be tolerated in ANY party. Not the Conservative Party. Not the Labour Party. Nor any other party. Because defending the principles of the UK should have nothing to do with politics. Jeremy Corbyn and his party have failed the UK. They have failed their supporters. They have failed the task of defending the values that so many hold dear.

Every party has the right to hold different views. But NO party should preach hatred, defend it, support it, accept it, or tolerate it under any circumstances. And Jeremy Corbyn must have missed that point.

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