Pat Condell sets the record straight about antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Anti-Semitism is as old as the Jew. Since the beginning of time, there have been people who hated each other. Cain and Abel could not get along. But, there is something unique about the band of resentment or hatred that has become known as anti-semitism.

The Jewish people came to be as a people around 4,000 years ago. Ever since then, they have brought more and more blessing to the world than any other nation. However, along with this, they have brought knowledge and understanding to nearly every corner of the earth. Yet, in it’s wake, somehow, inexplicabley, the Jewish people have been resented by nearly every culture at some point in their history. Their has never been a sustained time period for hundreds of years in any place in the world where the Jew did not need to battle enmity, jealousy and hatred.

This is all beyond logic. Any attempt to understand the root causes of anti-semitism don’t truly grasp it’s essence. But it exists and never disappears. It simply morphs into different forms and applies itself towards the Jewish people in horrible ways.

Even countries that barely have any Jewish population have strong anti-semitism. This is so hard to understand. Perhaps Hobbes was right – the essential nature of mankind is to do evil if not reigned in. But, there are other opinions, and perhaps things are indeed better today than they used to be on this issue. Despite that, anti-semitism thrives in many corners of the world. Pat Condell is right-on.


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